Decision Africa

Decision Africa is Childhood Cancer Advocacy organization on a mission to create awareness on prevention, early detection and cure for childhood cancer.

Decision Africa was founded in 2018 after a Research at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Kenya revealed that there is a big childhood cancer information gap in Kenya. According to the Ministry of Health, Kenya (2011), the regional cancer registry at KEMRI revealed that of all the cancer cases reported, an estimated 80% were diagnosed at a very late stage when damage to the patient’s health was too severe and treatment could do little to salvage the situation.

The study titled An Investigation of The Level of Childhood Cancer Awareness in Kenya: A case of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital showed that lack of information on childhood cancer leads to late diagnosis, and this lowers the survival rate. Delays in beginning treatment, and more delays every time a child is scheduled for treatment leads to a huge increase in the chances of cure failing. Yet, almost 80 per cent of cancers in children are curable if diagnosed early.

Experts have established that the most effective way of improving the survival of children suffering from childhood cancer in developing countries is to detect the disease as early as possible. Early stage diseases are associated with less side effects, less intense treatment regimens, reduced cost, less complications, shorter duration of treatment and a better prognosis.

Therefore, creating media awareness on prevention, early detection and treatment would avoid expensive and inappropriate medical interventions that cause complications and pain, financial crisis and in some cases, death.

Decision Africa achieves it’s mission through story telling, webinars and community awareness activities.

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